plural noun: prodigies

  • a young person with exceptional qualities or abilities
  • an outstanding example of a particular quality
  • an amazing or unusual thing, especially one out of the ordinary course of nature


who are we and why are we here

We are Prodigies and this is our approach to everything!

We believe all stories are about people.

We know, beyond doubt, successful stories are written
by passionate people that leverage great ideas and innovation.

Our team of computer science experts and consultants is designed to make your digitalization story a success.
We follow a smart business approach keeping it simple and AGILE.


We are Full Solutions Providers

Software Development - helping you develop Your Impact

Along the years we have learned even great ideas can turn into mediocre products if the actual shaping and implementation does not rise to the level of the brilliant thought that created it in the first place.

We know for a fact, evolution happens when daring minds and talented craftsmen come together in partnerships, with the ultimate purpose of serving a need.

Shaping your idea
SRS, WBS, HLA, Audits
We discovered through experience that ideas lose their potentiality if the very first shaping steps are not done using thorough research, careful analysis, strong architectural design and detailed planning. We call these Your Stepping Stones, and we are here to guide you build them solid.
Developing your Product
Code, Tests, Documentation
We learned good software development requires SOLID code, high test coverage and relevant documentation, none without the other will guarantee your product quality, scalability and maintainability. We are your Software Craftsmen and we will partner you on your journey, to code your idea into the product you envisioned and we call us Your Prodigies.
Deploying your Product
CI, Cloud, DevOps
We know speed matters, and time to market is a key factor for any innovative functionality, therefore we will use Technology Standards to automate deployments to generate continuous deployments automatically. Our DevOps culture will help you stay innovative and agile, and we call this Your Product Agility.
Maintaining your Product
Dedicated Team, Bug Fixing, Evolutions
We understand each product once on market begins its evolutionary life cycle. It shouldn’t get stuck on the concept that the initial innovative idea will satisfy the ever changing needs of your clients. We know dedicated teams that gained thorough knowledge of your product will make the difference, and we call this Your Think Tank.
Therefore, we are here to be your full solutions providers: build Your Stepping Stones, become Your Prodigies, keep Your Product Agility and guarantee Your Think Tank.

We build or help you grow your company

BOT = Build-Operate-Transfer

We believe each successful business is a unique combination of its people, product, processes and growth strategy.

Culture, Knowledge, Skills
What we have learned is that at the heart of any successful business ecosystem, there are always the people and their drive to make things work. We call them Your Differentiators, because they can make you or break you. That’s why our journey together will start with who are your people.
Material Products, On Premise, Cloud Services
What we know is that what your business offer will matter on the market, as long as you understand why and how it welcomes your customers needs. We call it Your Impact and we will accompany you throughout the research stages, brainstorming sessions and the full design and implementation cycle of your product/services.
Agility, Communication, Work Flows
What we understood is that the processes through which Your Differentiators will create Your Impact, will either sustain your business at the right speed to be constantly relevant or slowly but surely put you out of market. We call them Your Tools.
Direction, Strategy, Continuity
We know for a fact that transformation is key to survival, growth and continuity for any business, and we call it Your Fuel. Therefore our approach to building a future for your business will aim at clarity on where you want to go, scalability and easy transformation.
Therefore, we are here to be your partners during all or any stage of defining Your Differentiators, Your Impact, Your Tools and Your Fuel.

We are Your Consultants

Leadership, Business Development and Management

We know many companies start strong and succeed to have several initial gains, that give them the assumption of a guaranteed great, steady future. It’s rather sooner than later they discover that is an illusion, for just a great idea or a favourable market is not enough.

We know for a fact, great companies exist, survive any market conditions and remain relevant in the long run, as long as they understand the whole game and who is best fitted to play it.

People, Vision, Community, Culture
We know all businesses are as successful as their people chose to make them, not their machines, at least for now. People’s choices, when it comes to this, are quite simple and gravitate towards two opposites: the choice to bring in the workplace their best every day, and even more, because they trust the direction, understand their impact, and believe they are in for the long run, or the choice to perform just enough to get their monthly paycheck, hoping none of the company’s “police officers” will notice they could or should have done more.

What your people chose will be determined by your Leaders, their vision for the future and understanding of human behaviour, and we will call them, in this case, Your Hearts.
Business Development
Growth, Strategies, Product/Services
We learned a good vision and a brilliant idea or product, without the strategies to implement it wisely, is nothing but a nice dream to have. Also the guarantee that any implementation strategy will unfold its well designed plan, will only happen by mixing it with the subtle art of inserting change, at the right moment, in the right way. As a brilliant mind once said: “Change is the only constant”, and we do believe continuity without change and adaptation is an open door to failure.

How you plan your implementation strategies and when is that unique time to insert that specific change to help your actions unflod further into success, is determined by your Leaders, their suited knowledge, skill set and relevant experience, and we will call them, in this case, Your Heads.
Processes, Agility, Tools
We know for a fact that even the most apparently complicated systems have an inner simplicity from where they initially emerged into creation: a need to solve a problem. We all agree the way to solve problems is not based on single solutions, as many routes can take you to the correct result, but there is always that one, unique solution that can give you the simplest, fastest and easiest route to have your problem solved successfully.

How you design, manage or adapt your systems and tools, to help you solve your problems, is determined by your Leaders and their acknowledgment that systems and tools are the means you use to get to a desired result and not the ones setting up the rules to get there, and we will call them, in this case, Your Hands.
Therefore, we are here to help you shape Leaders that will be Your Hearts, Your Heads and Your Hands.


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